Grax is a light-weight graph data mapper which maps RDF graph data from RDF.ex data structures to schema-conform Elixir structs.

This is an early version with a limited scope. It currently maps only from and to RDF.ex graphs and even that in the most basic way. You'll have to use RDF.ex serializers or the SPARQL.Client to get the RDF.ex graph on your own. No SPARQL-query builders. (Almost) No RDFS-support. But within that limited scope, it should be functional already.

This guide is split into two parts:

  1. Schemas which describes the basics of the Grax mapping between graphs and Elixir structs and how to define schemas for that.
  2. API which introduces the API.

It's assumed that you're familiar with Elixir and have a basic understanding of the RDF data model (this brief introduction should be sufficient).